Thursday, September 30, 2010

Union Newsletter 09/30/2010

Union Newsletter
Members of Local 143-c. I would like to give you an update of the last
month. As I have informed you, the local has retained the law firm
Seham, Seham, Meltz and Peterson. I have been in constant communication
with our attorneys over future effects bargaining for severance
packages. We have completed our fact finding of information on our
pension plan. In the near future, I will let you know when the meetings
will take place. I apologize that the preparation has taken some time.
All legal ends had to be covered completely. We must realize this is not
like any other negotiations that have taken part at our plant. This is a
one time opportunity for Local 143-c with no second chance. This has
been my position from the start and I will not rush into this
unprepared. If you have any questions concerning this matter please call
me or talk to your Steward in your area.
I have received calls concerning the December 31, 2010 plant closing
day. The rule is, you may take a vacation day or a personal day without
pay. It will not affect your Holiday pay.
Any questions concerning our pension plan or benefits covered under our
agreement please contact Joseph Destefano at the Union hall.
Over the past several months we have been reaching out to our local and
regional politicians asking that they support our members in our quest
for a fair retirement and severance package. We have pointed out facts
that Pfizer borrowed 22 billion dollars of Tarp money for the
acquisition of Wyeth. Tarp money is supposed to be used for economical
development for the USA not for sending American jobs to foreign
countries. Pfizer is eliminating 19,000 American jobs. Pfizer also
received part of a 5 billion dollar grant for lowering health insurance
premiums for their employees. The fact is that our health cost premiums
will more than triple under the Pfizer plan.
I have reached out to many politicians and not many have responded. We
have a few strong local politicians that are helping us get our message
out and are currently working with our county Social Services to see
what services the county can provide for members of Local 143-c.
While I have your attention, lets address the Rumor mill. I receive
numerous calls from members saying (I HEARD). Let me make this perfectly
clear. There has been no meeting with Pfizer concerning severance
packages or changing any language in our contract agreement. If you want
the correct answer to your question call me at the Union Hall or attend
one of your monthly membership meetings. To put this into perspective,
if it doesn't come from me or one of my representatives it is most
likely not true.
These are hard times in the plant at this time. I ask you to please work
safely and follow procedures. We want to maintain our jobs as long as we
can and return to our families at the end of the day.
In Unity,
Bob Cronk
President Local 143-c ICWU

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