Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Union Newsletter 11/24/2010

"Effects Bargaining Update"
As I have informed you, we have started effects bargaining for
separation packages. From my perspective negotiations so far has been
deeply disappointing. Despite the fact that the company states it is
ready to bargain. I feel their proposal is an insult to all union
members. The proposals that I submitted to the company is
straightforward, uncomplicated and in three parts.

We the Union are asking for the the following:

1- Severance pay for union employees.
Three weeks pay for every year of service.
Two weeks pay for every 10,000.00 in salary.
Medical benefit coverage for the length of severance pay.
Minimum of 26 weeks pay.

2-A rule of 90 full benefit clause.
Anyone who's age and years of service equals 90 will receive a 100%
benefit at retirement. This benefit can be taken as a lump sum or
monthly payments.
Also included is the following:
Rule of 85/95%
Rule of 80/90%
Rule of 75/85%
Rule of 70/80%
Rule of 65/75%
This benefit will be available to any employee who qualifies at the time
of separation. This will go into effect when the employee turns 55.

3. Health Benefits
Rule of 65 for health benefits.
Any employee who's age plus years of service equals 65 will be entitled
to retiree health benefits at 55 years old.
This benefit will be available to any employee who qualifies at the time
of separation. This will go into effect when the employee turns 55.

As of 11/15/2010 This is what our Company has proposed to Local 143.
3 months continuation of medical benefits followed by Cobra.
3 months of severance pay.
Eligibility for severance package upon executed release documents.

For the obove proposed separation the company will receive the following
CBA Relief:
The company may overrun headcount by 20% This headcount overrun will not
be subject to the 20% rule.

Previously held classifications will be held to the 20% rule.

No recall rights for those receiving severance.

Also the company put on the table an extended separation package will be
offered in exchange for the following.

The parties agree that this Effects Bargaining Separation Package
applies to the complete PGM exit of the Pearl River site and will not be
subject to negotiation of the CBA.

Eliminate Bumping Rights for colleagues being laid off due to PGM exit (
all areas )

Colleagues who receive severance payments will have no recall rights.

Allow short term temporary work force (as needed) to perform bargaining
unit work.

Allow temp. supervisors and scientific assistants to perform bargaining
unit work.

Reserve the right to loan/assign colleagues across business units.

Laid off colleagues receive severance once released.

Ability to release colleagues by qualification.

Withdraw retiree health grievance.

At this time we are trying to schedule our next meetings. I will keep
you informed as things progress. Take the time and read the company's
proposal close. Give me a call and let me know your feelings. Do you
think we are considered COLLEAGUES?

Bob Cronk
President Local 143.c

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