Monday, January 31, 2011

01/31/2011 Union Newsletter

Union Newsletter
Members of Local 143-c. I would like to give you an update of the
effects bargaining for severance packages. On Wednesday January 19, 2011
The Our Town newspaper released an article concerning our plant closing.
Chris St. Lawrence Supervisor of the town of Ramapo is doing everything
in his power to help Local 143-c receive a fair severance package. I
feel it is my duty to get the correct information to you and the
surrounding community. You as members must know the true facts. I will
continue to keep you up dated as the effects bargaining procedure
progresses. May it be through news articles, newsletters, our Union
meetings, or just a phone call to me. In my last newsletter I explained
in full detail the union's three proposals. Health benefit rule of 65,
severance pay for Union employees and the rule of 90 full benefit
offers. The company has had plenty of time to consider our offer and
return with a serious counter offer. What came back to the table on
Friday 01/28/2011 was an insult to all Local 143-c members. Local 143-c
moved forward with a new proposal to prove to the company that this
Union is serious. The following is what was presented to the company.
The Union will drop our proposals given to the company to date.
The Union will grant the company their unbumpable positions.
As jobs are eliminated use the C.B.A.
In return the Union is asking for 10% of all Prevnar profits for a
period of seven years.
If Prevnar makes no profit the Union will receive nothing in return.
This money to be given to all active Union employees at the time of
agreement for a period of seven years regardless of employee being
employed or separated from the company.
Money to be paid yearly.
The union and the company will split the cost of an independent audit of
Prevnar records to assure proper payments are made to the Union
The first audit will be one year after the date of the agreement.
If prevnar is spun off or sold to another company employees will receive
10% of the purchase price.
Final documentation subject to review from Local 143-c Attorneys.
Up-Grade Proposals
Per the collective bargaining agreement contract, we have agreed with
the company to have up-grade proposals every two years. It is that time
again for the membership to put together their proposals. These
proposals should include changes to their classification with reasons
why their classification should be up-graded. Please forward all
proposals to your Union representative as soon as possible. You will be
notified of the time and location for you to present to the company your
In Unity,

Bob Cronk

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